About Us


the work of N E L L   H A R P E R is governed by six principles.  SIMPLE BEAUTY, the ability to FUNCTION well, to believe in STRENGTH, timeless pieces that will truly LAST, to be WITHOUT ADORNMENT and a commitment to EARTH FRIENDLY materials, so you can CARRY THE GOOD WITH YOU

Nell Harper the brand was created by Alia Roberts during the summer 2014.

My idea was to celebrate beauty in simplicity, function, quality of materials and craftsmanship. I wanted to make carry goods that really were made well and would last.

Each item is made using leathers from some of Italy’s most prestigious tanneries specialising in vegetable tanned leather.

Nell Harper Studio really emphasise affordable craft and quality at its heart. Each item is hand cut, assembled and hand finished.
Initially the designs were all hand sewn, but as demand grew, sewing machine’s were introduced to keep up with demand. Since then a lot of the making practices have changed as the studio embraced environmental issues.

We have become much more aware of the studio’s impact on the environment when making and packing our product. We only use veg tan leathers, electric machinery is used in a minimal way, and we have banned almost all plastic from packaging. We use some sellotape for labels and reused plastic from our leather delivery’s for international shipping.

With these changes came innovation. How to create bags that address contemporary issues of the day. Plastic pollution, throw away culture and much more. The studio came up with the idea of a ‘no sew’, ‘one piece’ leather bag that has many more environmental pluses than industry standard leather bags.